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    an01231_ ABOUT OUR COMPANY.


     Leicester Academy Dog Grooming is a professional grooming salon, which grooms to the highest possible standards at prices everyone can afford. The salon is run and owned by Francine, who has been grooming since her first dog in 1989, and is a professional award winning groomer, qualified in all techniques of grooming up to breed standard.

   Francine has a personal interest in canine behaviour and loves nothing more, than a dog that is a challenge and taking that dog from its owner a quivering wreck or a snarling ferocious beast and working with the dog over time, to the point where it will eventually come bounding through the salon doors and not even give their owner a second glance to say goodbye, see you later.

   All the dogs that pass through Leicester Academy Dog Grooming doors, whether it is a top pure breed show dog or an adorable mixture of several breeds are treated with love, kindness, and respect like our own treasured canines.



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