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          More people own dogs than ever before, and most need more than the occasional wash and brush up to look and feel their best. This is where our professional grooming courses come in. Whether grooming pedigree dogs to breeding standards or creating a style for cross-breeds a good, kind, professional will always be in demand.

           If you love dogs, have plenty of patience’s, a good positive attitude and are generally physically fit, than you potentially could make a good groomer. You will however need to be correctly trained in order to increase your chances of establishing a successful business and career.

          Here at Leicester Academy Dog Grooming, we offer various training courses to enable you to achieve these goals and become a Professional Dog Groomer. All aspects of the grooming trade are covered in the many courses we provide, from tasters to setting up and running your own salon

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Just a few of the trainees that have taken one of our training programs.


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